Occupational Therapy (OT) Services

Registered Occupational Therapist’s who specialise in the accessibility and design of homes in Newcastle

If you require an occupational therapy assessment in Newcastle, our registered occupational therapists (OT’s) will assess your ability to participate in everyday activities.

An Occupational Therapist is a qualified practitioner who aims to enable people to participate in their daily activities, thereby promoting independence, safety and quality of life.

Are you experiencing difficulty coming, going or moving around your home? Do you have concerns with accessing your your bathroom or kitchen?

Do you wish showering, getting dressed, preparing a meal or enjoying family time were easier? Would you like to feel safer and more independent in your day-to-day activities?

Our Occupational Therapists can help you:

Here at Hunter Home Modifications our Occupational Therapists can assist people of all ages with:

  • Home Modifications – Large and small
  • Equipment needs
  • Utilising assistive technology
  • Falls prevention educations
  • Personal care (showering/dressing/toileting)
  • Domestic tasks (cooking/cleaning)
  • Getting in and out of your bed or chairs

Our registered occupational therapists (OT’s) will assess your ability to participate in everyday activities. The assessment is comprehensive and will take into consideration any medical conditions, current medications, your skill level and the aspects of the environment that impact on the activity.

Accessibility in and around your home is considered and the Occupational Therapist will make recommendations tailored to suit your specific needs for independence, health and safety including modifications required for other in-house caregivers.

Referrals can be received from:

National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)

My Aged Care (MAC)

Subsidised Referral and assessment for people over 65 and over 50 for Aboriginal/ Torres Strait Islander.

Please contact MAC to determine eligibility.

Occupational Therapy referrals can also be received from:

  • Packaged Care Providers
  • General practitioners or other healthcare professionals and organisations
  • Department of Veteran Affairs
  • Private (self) referrals

Our Newcastle occupational therapy assessments are performed by experienced occupational therapists specialising in the design and prescription of Home Modifications and can also prescribe equipment to enable you to complete activities safely and independently.

Prescription Building Services

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